Ensuring web accessibility and an inclusive user experience

Written by Anna Nishchyk
A diverse and inclusive board sets the stage for robust decision-making, fostering creativity and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various perspectives, ultimately leading to a more resilient and...
Data Room & Due Diligence

2024, a year of renewed optimism for dealmaking?

Written by Mari Nygaard
A review of dealmaking in 2023 plus predictions for M&A activity in 2024. Get insights into the sectors, economic conditions and the tools global dealmakers use.

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Board Portal

Unveiling the benefits of annual planning

Written by Admincontrol
Boards today face many challenges like adapting to digital changes, dealing with cybersecurity, following strict rules, and handling environmental and social issues. In addition, many boards may find their agenda...

The Art of Multiple M&A Deal Management: Maximising Efficiency

Written by Admincontrol
Managing simultaneous multiple deals requires a streamlined and secure approach in today's fast-paced business environment. The challenges of getting a single deal over the line are considerable, but the additional...

Why Admincontrol for document security

Written by Admincontrol
Board directors have access to your organisation’s most sensitive data, including documents containing financial information, intellectual property and much more. In other words, the kind of assets cyberattackers love...
Board Portal

Admincontrol is teaming up with Aboard

Written by Admincontrol
Admincontrol is proud to announce that we have entered into an exciting collaboration with Aboard. We spoke to Møyfrid Øygard, Managing Director of Admincontrol, about the partnership and what the future holds.

How to convince your board to switch governance platform

Written by Admincontrol
No matter how complex the organisation and its policies and processes, effective governance comes down to one factor – ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time to drive informed decision...

5 ways to improve board performance

Written by Admincontrol
Boards play a crucial role in the success and governance of organisations. An effective board can steer an organisation towards high performance. An underperforming board can lead to inefficiency and complacent; or in...
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