M&A Cloud storage/ Data rooms

What are the differences between cloud storage and a data room for M&As?

Written by Mari Nygaard
What are the differences between cloud storage and a data room? Can you use both for deal-making? We look at the features, pros and cons. 
Data Room & Due Diligence Cybersecurity

The impact of ESG due diligence and cybersecurity risk management in Europe’s M&As

Written by Mari Nygaard
Europe’s dealmakers have overcome many challenges in recent years. Deal timelines were extended by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; technology was adopted at an unprecedented speed, and, more recently, other issues,...

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Meet our new addition to our London office!

Written by William Jones-Bateman
Admincontrol, a leading provider of Virtual Data Rooms offers a smart and secure collaboration platform for due diligence and other business- critical processes. Founded in Norway in 2005, Admincontrol opened their...

Ultimate guide to nonprofit board portals

Written by Admincontrol
Your guide to choosing a board portal for nonprofits – discover what a nonprofit board portal can do for your organisation

How to deliver best-in-class board leadership

Written by Admincontrol
New risks require a new kind of corporate leadership board. Find out what it takes to provide effective board leadership amid geopolitical uncertainty.

Ultimate guide to how a board of directors works

Written by Hans Fretheim
The complete guide to how boards of directors work – what is board work, who sits on the board, quorum for board meetings and more…

The 3 traits of effective future boards

Written by Hans Fretheim
Emerging trends require a new kind of corporate governance and ESG-driven leadership. Discover the traits the boards of the future need to succeed.

7 ways to improve M&A integration

Written by Nils Rynning Mork
A roadmap for success A successful acquisition is determined by more than just the purchase price. Integrating two separate businesses is a complex process, one that needs detailed planning that starts before the deal...
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