How to Organise Board Meetings for Optimal Performance

Written by Admincontrol
It’s been a longstanding question – how do you maximise the value of directors’ time when they only commit a certain number of hours, and typically only convene a few times a year?   

Deal Hub: Tailor-made for dedicated partners

Written by Nina Ferlic
As a leading data room provider, Admincontrol is constantly working to provide its customers with the best tools and features to facilitate their deal-making processes. That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch...

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Board Portal

Viewpoint - My take on the qualities and priorities of an effective board member

Written by Admincontrol
In conversation with Michael Bernard, multi-board non-executive director

Empowering Decisions with AI: A Journey of Innovation and Empowerment

Written by Signe Roesgaard-Gran
At our core, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our unwavering commitment to progress drives us to continuously enhance our offerings and elevate our...

Navigating the Dynamics of Industry Consolidation: Causes, Timing, and Consequences

Written by Thea Constanze Stabu
In the rapidly evolving business landscape, industry consolidation is becoming a game-changing phenomenon. But what drives companies to merge or acquire? 

Why using an Authenticator App makes you more secure

Written by Ole Martin Refvik
These days, strong authentication is a must for accessing business-critical information.  
Data Room & Due Diligence

How our customers use data rooms

Written by Mari Nygaard
The way data rooms are used is changing - latest trends and statistics

Viewpoint - How to be successful at M&As despite economic uncertainty

Written by Mari Nygaard
In conversation with Sindre Talleraas Holen, Chief M&A Officer, Visma
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