Ensuring web accessibility and an inclusive user experience


A diverse and inclusive board sets the stage for robust decision-making, fostering creativity and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various perspectives, ultimately leading to a more resilient and forward-thinking organization. 

16.May 2024
Written by Anna Nishchyk

To truly achieve diversity, our digital solutions must be accessible, empowering every employee to contribute actively during meetings.

Accessibility extends far beyond catering solely to people with disabilities but also to individuals facing temporary trauma, such as a broken arm or temporary vision impairment, and those navigating various situations, such as using a mobile device in bright sunlight or accessing information in noisy environments.

Designing with accessibility in mind benefits everyone. For instance, keyboard accessibility aids users with mobility impairments but enhances the overall user experience for those who prefer using a keyboard.

Accessible software serves as a foundation for success and equality and streamlines our workflow, facilitating smarter and more efficient decision-making. Inaccessible software, on the other hand, is prone to mistakes. It can burden your board and waste valuable meeting time.

Linda og Aksel ved pc skjerm

At Admincontrol, we recognize the importance of ensuring our products are designed with a focus on accessibility, and our design and development teams are collaborating intensively to enhance the accessibility of all the new pages of the Board Portal. We believe everyone should be able to serve and contribute to boards and enable more organizations to make their boardrooms inclusive and accessible.

Our accessibility initiatives

In 2024, we've established our initial OKRs regarding accessibility: all the newly created pages must be WCAG 2.2 Level A compliant, with our ultimate goal of achieving Level AA compliance. WCAG 2.2 Level A compliance includes, but is not limited to, providing text alternatives for non-text content; ensuring all functionality is keyboard accessible without specific timings; offering user controls to adjust or disable time limits; using semantic HTML to convey meaning to assistive technology users; ensuring forms include labels or instructions for clarity;  ensuring that assistive technologies such as screen readers can access content; avoid conveying information or instructions solely through shape, size, or color. Our targets also include several Success Criteria from the AA level of WCAG, such as ensuring sufficient color contrast for text and interactive elements.

To deepen awareness about digital accessibility, our R&D team has organised a series of Universal Design lectures and workshops for all employees. The goal is to empower our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to champion accessibility in every aspect of our work.

Prioritise accessibility in design

Moving forward, Admincontrol will prioritise accessibility in design and user experience decisions. We are committed to integrating accessibility into our product and design planning, ensuring that it remains a core aspect of our ongoing development efforts. Our mission is to create a digital environment where everyone can fully participate and contribute, regardless of their abilities, to support everyone in your organization, creating an environment where accessibility is a natural part of the user experience.