M&A Cloud storage/ Data rooms

What are the differences between cloud storage and a data room for M&As?

Written by Mari Nygaard
What are the differences between cloud storage and a data room? Can you use both for deal-making? We look at the features, pros and cons. 

7 ways to improve M&A integration

Written by Nils Rynning Mork
A roadmap for success A successful acquisition is determined by more than just the purchase price. Integrating two separate businesses is a complex process, one that needs detailed planning that starts before the deal...

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Data Room & Due Diligence M&A

Cultural integration after M&A

Written by Thea Constanze Stabu
In high-stakes mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the impact of a combined or new culture can make or break a deal. Most commonly, we hear about examples of when it goes wrong - when there’s a culture clash or mismatch,...

Technology powering the M&A process of the future

Written by Monica Duyen Tang
Blockchain, smart contracts and digital due diligence

Powerful tech that transforms M&A execution

Written by Tom Redding
Getting an M&A to the execution stage is a feat of determination, hard work and resilience. Siloed workflows, multiple stakeholders and security risks are just some of the hurdles to overcome. Discover the technology...
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