Empowering Decisions with AI: A Journey of Innovation and Empowerment

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our unwavering commitment to progress drives us to continuously enhance our offerings and elevate our organization.

24.May 2023
Written by Signe Roesgaard-Gran

At Admincontrol, we believe that our future depends on the quality of decisions. With a deep commitment to our mission to provide the ultimate solution for decision makers, we constantly strive to improve our products and company. That's why we are excited to embrace the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a means to propel us forward. 

 In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one particular advancement, large language models like GPT-4, has emerged as a significant player. At Admincontrol, we have recognised the potential of this technology and identified two key domains where it can bolster our growth: improving our products and enhancing our workforce's productivity. 

 Think about the opportunities AI offers in terms of product development. AI's capabilities can be harnessed to develop user-centric interfaces, making our products not just functional but intuitive and user-friendly. This aligns seamlessly with our mission at Admincontrol to provide the ultimate solution for decision makers, and our commitment to empowering decisions. Incorporating AI into our products opens up a world of opportunities that we are ready to explore. 

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Unleashing a potential

AI's potential, however, is not restricted to product enhancement. It also offers invaluable tools to support our team in their tasks. From code quality and review, automated testing, continuous integration and deployment, to developer productivity, user experience, interface design, and security and vulnerability detection, the opportunities AI offers are vast and varied. 

 Integrating AI into our operations allows us to focus our human resources on tasks that truly require their unique abilities, fostering innovation and problem-solving. AI serves as a tool, a partner that assists us in driving growth and effectiveness across the board. 

 Nevertheless, it's crucial to acknowledge that AI also presents certain challenges. Issues like information security, intellectual property rights, hallucination, prompt injection, and bias are some of the risks associated with AI. As we dive into the opportunities AI offers, it's equally essential for us to understand and mitigate these risks. We are committed to a responsible approach to AI, ensuring its benefits are realised without compromising security or integrity. 

The Hackathon 

In line with our exploration and utilisation of AI, we are preparing for an upcoming AI Hackathon. This event will bring together talented individuals from five locations across four countries, primarily from Product and Development departments. Teams are currently being formed and use cases selected. The Hackathon represents a unique opportunity for our teams to leverage AI to address complex problems and create innovative solutions.  

We anticipate this event will serve as a catalyst for transformative ideas and pioneering solutions.  

Stay connected as we embark on this journey of discovery and innovation.  

Our exploration of AI is a testament to our continuous strive for improvement and our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. 

We are excited to take these steps into the future of AI at Admincontrol and look forward to sharing our progress along the way.