Admincontrol is teaming up with Aboard

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Admincontrol is proud to announce that we have entered into an exciting collaboration with Aboard. We spoke to Møyfrid Øygard, Managing Director of Admincontrol, about the partnership and what the future holds.

28.November 2023
Written by Admincontrol


Why are Aboard and Admincontrol teaming up?

Aboard and Admincontrol’s common goal of professionalising boards makes them natural complements to each other.

“Through our partnership with Aboard, we can bring experienced and competent people together. We share the goal of value creation, and work to professionalise the boardroom. Together we complement each other, and we have discovered we’re a natural fit.” says Managing Director Øygard.

So far, Abard only offers its services in Norway. However, Møyfrid also notes that they see significant potential in Aboard and the platform they offer, on both a national and international level. 
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The collaboration

The collaboration between Aboard and Admincontrol encompasses several exciting initiatives, including as joint events and content production. The collaboration will also involve promoting each other’s companies and sharing important knowledge.

Reflections on current recruitment practices:

Møyfrid shares her thoughts on network recruitment, which has long been common practice. She hopes that more people will see the value of venturing beyond their established networks and believes that many boardrooms will benefit from using neutral platforms and recruitment processes.

“My experience with Aboard is that their processes are thorough.They ’ve developed a platform that reflects your genuine passion for solving the tasks faced by today’s boards and board candidates.”

We look forward to working with Aboard  in the future!

If you want to know more about Abord, you can find additional information on their website by clicking here (the page is in Norwegian)